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What is ubuntu Linux?

Ubuntu is a Linux-based, open source operating system. It comes with full commercial support from it's sponsor; Canonical Ltd and it's free to use, including enterprise releases and security updates.

Ubuntu has probably the largest Linux users these days. It releases two versions of Linux which are desktop version and server version. The Ubuntu desktop is suitable for desktop or workstation system. It includes Gnome graphical environment and user-oriented tools, including office applications, multimedia software, and games. The installation process of the desktop version takes less than 30 minutes and it goes easy on average users. It's not surprising that Ubuntu desktop has become the most popular Linux desktop system among other Linux distributions. The Ubuntu development team worked hard to achieve their goals to provide a stable and up to date operating system for end user.

While the desktop version has become the number one Linux desktop operating system for end users, the Ubuntu server version also is getting popular and become the choice for many organizations around the world. The Ubuntu server version comes with minimal install image and has no graphical desktop. There are no servers installed by default. User can customize what server it's going to be and how they want it to perform; light, faster, secure, or all in one servers.

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