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Install Ubuntu server

These are step by step Ubuntu server v8.04 installation guide. Press Tab key on the keyboard to move the cursor between menus. Press Enter key to proceed.

1) Select language

2) Press F1 for help - Press Esc to exit help

3) Enter to the next step - You'll see menu below(without description):
  • Install Ubuntu - proceed the installation.
  • Check CD defect - Do this if you don't want the installation failed in the middle of the process.
  • Rescue broken system - We don't have Ubuntu yet. Skip this.
  • Test memory - This is going to take some times (I mean it).
  • Boot from first hard disk - We don't have Ubuntu yet. Skip this.
4) Check CD defect if you haven't done it before. The system will reboot after finish the integrity test. You can test memory if you want. Press c for configuration menu. Press number to open menu. Press c again to go back to configuration menu. Press Esc to stop checking and reboot to start the installation again (from the memory test screen, not the configuration menu).

5) Choose the Install Ubuntu menu to proceed the Ubuntu server installation.

6) Choose language.

8) Detect keyboard layout - Choose yes and press one of the keys if it's in your keyboard.

9) The system will detect network hardware when you choose Configure the network menu.
Network auto configuration will look up for DHCP if available. If not, you can configure manually or just skip for now.

10) Enter the hostname for your system.

11) Configure the clock.

12) Partition disk.
  • If this system is all for Linux, choose Guided - use entire disk. If there's other operating system sharing the same hard disk, like a dual boot, or you have your own reason, choose the Manual partition method.
  • Select disk to partition.
  • Confirmation to write partition to hard disk. Proceed only if you really sure what you are doing because after this all the data on the hard disk will be gone.
13) Installing the base system.

14) Setup users and passwords:
  • Full name for the new user.
  • Username for your account.
  • Password for the new account
  • Confirm password for the new account.
15) Software selection - Use spacebar to select. Select all if this is a testing or for learning server. Otherwise, you know what you need.

16) Set Mysql server password. This password is for Mysql root user.

17) Postfix configuration. Choose mail configuration type. If this is a testing server, choose local or just leave it alone by choosing No configuration.

18) Finish the installation.

19) System reboot.

20) Login.

If you are looking for a complete Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server edition installation screenshots, there's a step by step guide with screenshots available at Ubuntu server installation screenshots.

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