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Ubuntu terminal shortcut

Ubuntu terminal shortcut is a shortcut key used in Ubuntu command line terminal. It is not just a normal shortcut. Ubuntu terminal shortcut has special function and some of them are very useful and you are going to use them often. Believe me.

There maybe other Ubuntu terminal shortcut available, but here are the mostly used in my system:

  • Ctrl + d = Logout. Press Ctrl + d to logout or exit your session. This terminal shortcut can protect your server from unauthorize access to your system. It should be your habit to press Ctrl + d whenever you leave your server. Ctrl + d shortcut also can be used to end Ubuntu command which waiting for user input.

  • Ctrl + c = Terminate running command. Press Ctrl + c to stop or end running command on the screen. This terminal shortcut is useful especially if you want to terminate a command which give non-stop result running on the screen or the command you invoke takes too long to execute.

  • Ctrl + z = Stop or cancel running task. This terminal shortcut act the same as Ctrl + c. The different is the situation it can be used. Ctrl + z usually use to stop or cancel operation in the middle of running tool or executable program.
  • Ctrl + r = Open the reverse-i-search tool looking for previously used command in history. This terminal shortcut is extremely useful if you want to recycle your previous long command which you hate to type. Here is an example:

You just type part of the command that you need, and reverse-i-search tool will display the full command for you. When you find the right command, just enter to run the command.

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