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Add another admin in Ubuntu server

There are several reasons why we need extra admin user in Ubuntu server. One of the reason perhaps it's an account for your boss. Yes, in several occasions, your boss needs root privilege to do whatever 'his job' that need to be done.

Well, whatever your reason is, here is how you can add another user in the admin group in Ubuntu server:

Login into Ubuntu server using user in admin group username(user with root privilege). This is the user that can use 'sudo' command, or the default user you created during Ubuntu server installation.

In the command prompt, type:

luzar@ubuntu:~$ sudo adduser jimi admin
Adding user `jimi' to group `admin' ...
Adding user jimi to group admin

Replace jimi with a username that you want to add to the admin group. Let's check the /etc/group file to see whether the user has been added to the admin group:

luzar@ubuntu:~$ cat /etc/group

Here is the result:


That's it. Now jimi can run whatever commands that needs root privilege by using sudo command. He has the same power as you now.

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