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Ubuntu server 8.10 installation - Scanning the mirror hangs

I am a little surprise when Ubuntu 8.10 server installation seems like hangs in scanning the mirror during the installation step. It was more than 10 minutes I think and the installation screen just freezes like the picture below:

I wonder did I make a mistake during network configuration steps? No, I did the same steps a few times already including when I installed Ubuntu 8.04. Although there are slightly different steps in Ubuntu 8.10, but the configuration is just the same to me. I was not worry about the configuration, I know I set it up right. But the networking itself made me worry. The connection to the Internet has been bad for a few weeks already.

So I opened a web browser from windows to check the Internet connection, and I found it was ok. That means the installation should be ok. Maybe I should wait a little longer. I just leaved Ubuntu scanning the mirror and went take a bath. When I went back, I see the screen still scanning the mirror. Something must be wrong. It was the time when I tried to interrupt the installation, the screen moved.
That means the installation was ok. It just took some times to scan the mirror. I mean quite some times to scan the mirror. That never happened before. Then it stop again this time it scans the security updates repository:

I wasn't worry anymore. Take how much times you need, I know you were ok!


  1. Yea, I had that happen too. Its high time these Linux distros utilize better installers. There should be a cancel button so this step can be skipped, otherwise you have to do the install over over again!

  2. you can disable the network adapter to cancel this process, it'll just time-out and jump to the next step


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