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Ubuntu server mount usb drive

Ubuntu server automatically detect usb drive when you plug it in the usb port. Here is an example of how Ubuntu detected my usb drive or thumb drive when I plugged it:

Ubuntu automatically assign the usb drive as sdb. If your Ubuntu doesn't detect the usb drive, pull it out and try connect it again.

Before mount the usb drive, normally I would create a new directory called usb in /mnt to be a destination place for the mounted usb drive.

luzar@ubuntu:~$ sudo mkdir /mnt/usb

You can mount it in /mnt if you want, it doesn't matter. I created a special directory for usb drive because sometimes I need to mount several file systems and devices, so I need a mount point for each of them.

The mount syntax is mount device destination. Don't forget the sudo command. Here is an example of Ubuntu server mount usb drive:

luzar@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb/
luzar@ubuntu:~$ ls /mnt/usb/
logo.png usbthumbdrive.bmp

That's it.


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